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your right I am sure all the Duke doc will do is try to pacify me, but I want to give him a chance to evaluate me on the outside chance that he is ethical - there are a few ethical folks in the profession, I know that I am. I will be approaching him about the use the vitamens, etc for the side effects. I will be ordering soon - I know that you cannot remember each one of our situations, but could you tell me if anyone else had toxicity resulted in cerebral vasculitis and encephalopathy? The neuro in the hospital said he had seen it before, but no other docs will recognize it.

Also is anyone else at my point (two years post treatment - stopped due to toxic reaction) hepatitis free per all testing and having severe after effects? the brain fog, fatigue and gi symptoms are abominable, though some days are ok - but not enough to hold a jpb- I also have joint, muscle pain and peripheral neuropathy. Just wondered if any other so called "cured" were in this situation. Please advise how I can help with the cause - I am a RN with a lot of chemo experience.

Sincerely, B. G.

-. I go to the doc thursday - so any words from you would be greatly appreciated. Oh, by the way at least this doc admits I am in "sustained remission" rather than pronouncing me cured. I will give him that much credit. Love your books, will be ordering another set for family and friends to read to help them understand what is happening.

Hi B:

These problems you describe are more common than we are lead to believe. Doctors are not going to volunteer info regarding this. You describe the conditions better because of your occupation.

Most people I communicate with who have done interferon and have the
problems you describe, I am one, are told that it is the hep c that caused the problems. This to get themselves off of the hook. Most people after interferon are in a state where they do not have the will or desire to do anything about what Big Pharma has done to them. Interferon is causing major problems in peoples lives everyday and it is all in the name of money.

Why would anyone use a drug that is worse than the disease?
Only because they are not properly informed about the problems that are most likely going to occur.

Hepatitis C is preferable over the side effects of interferon, especially in the long run. People just do not believe that until they get in the position.
You should try some Detox max, it is remarkable. Not on site, you have to call to order it.

You should drink dandelion root tea, 1 quart per day
Take 2.5 mg of NADH every morning.

There is a lot more you could do but it would be nice to see if these
items will provide you with any relief.

In good health



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