Interferon Users Speak Out



love the info on your web site. its been two years since i finished treatment. i had the peg-intron, ribavirin cocktail. i am showing no signs of the disease return (yeah).

my last appointment with my doctor, i told her i felt about as bad as i did on treatment. i have never suffered from any emotional or psychological problems pre-treatment. i have zero energy, depression, feel very weak, have no motivation, irritable, in general no fun to be around. i lost my job of 22 years, three months ago because of declining performance and a personality that no one wants to be around.

i have long term disability insurance and am wondering if there is anyone who can help me go through the steps to prove the disability. my doctor finally acknowledged that there appears to be about 20% of patients who suffer long term effects but that there is no conclusive proof.

is she just protecting herself or being straight. well, time for my morning nap. any help or leads would be greatly appreciated.




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