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My husband was diagnosed with Hep C in July of 2001.  We were fortunate and it was geno type 2.  He started with the Interferon/Ribavirin combo in Sept 2001.  When the Peg-Intron therepy was released in Early Dec. that year, he began it.  Through all his treatments to this point he had miss virtually no work.  Although quite difficult at times.

When he began the Peg, he immediately became quite ill, missing almost a complete month of work.  In Jan 2002, I insisted on them testing him for anemia.  He was at critical lows and was taken off the Peg for a period of two weeks.  We had thm run a viral load at that time.  He was clear.  Although the Dr wanted him to continue for another 6 wks, we said NO!  He test 6 mo later and was still clear. His LFT come back fine every 3 - 6 mo.

Here's our concern. He was told his energy and physical health would return after a year or so.  Last year, May of 2003 he quit his job as a investigatorbecause it had become to much for him, mentally and physically.  Although the job was not physically demanding he was having a hardtime getting through the day.  He was fatiqued, his lower legs and feet would swell and He had a hardtime concentrating.  He remained off work through April of 2004.  He took a job as a detention officer, requiring 12 hour shifts 3-4 days per week.  He hurts so bad when he gets home he has even taken pain pills to help with the pain.  He has brown spots that seem to get worse all the time, on his feet and calves.  He is tired all the time and has a lot of trouble sleeping. We are at a loss, he has been in Law Enforsement for over 20 years.  Now he can hardly finish a shift.  His days off are spent trying to regain strength to return to work. We thought the effects of the Hep C and the treatments would be gone by now, but soemtimes he aches and is so tired it's like he was still on treatment.

We have considered SS Disability, but were not even sure where to start with it. Is this a common problem for those who have gone through treatment and have been "cured" of the Hep C?


Hi L:
Interferon is a treatment that is worse than the disease!  Interferon damages the neurotransmitters in the brain stem where there are over 15 billion brain cells that control everything the body does.

Interferon rarely manages to get a non detected, but when it does, it often results in serious damage worse than the virus.

There are thousands of pages about this written, most of them available on the internet, some of them written by the drug maker.

What you wrote here is what I read every day.  This is why I sponsor a class action suit against schering plough.  Thousands of people are destroyed by this drug and schering wants everyone to believe it was the virus.  It is not, it is interferon.

I suggest you go to this link to learn more about the class action suit.

Many people do not like law suits, I am one of them.  Law suits are the thing we do in a democracy to stop people, drug companies who misrepresent things, like claming to cure something with out letting you know that the stuff is going to damage the rest of your life.  Also, hep c is rarely the cause of death among people who have it if they practice good nutrition and avoid certain things so interferon is a bad drug for a condition that does not warrant such a horrible drug!

If you can send me the blood work, I think I can eliminate some of these problems.

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In good health


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