Interferon Users Speak Out



my name is rc; agin, I have cronic hepatitis and have undergone Peginterferon Alfa-2b, with no results, I am seriosly deppresed and am contiplating suicide.

I am currently on dissability, i went through hell with this treatment, and the docter gave me 5 years to live, please put me on your lawsuit or whatever you call it, it has been 6 years since the docter told me i had 5 to go, I am very upset that he would even make that statement.

the classaction lawsuit is what i am referring to, do you see how it affected me, I connot think straight anymore, the Dr name who prescribed peginterfuron is, Dr. devabhakyuni, Raghu, from florida, anything you can do for me would be greatly appreicieated.

I used to be a thermal nuclear engineer, I built nuclear power plants, know i am reduced to below the poverty level on sociol security, I went from $50.000 a year to $800.00 a month please help, i am trying to look out for my familiys future, this medicine did not help it dystroyed me, thanks for your help in advance,




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