Interferon Users Speak Out


Hi Lloyd.

Thanks !!! I can't believe how promptly you e-mailed me back. Thank you for your answer, what you are saying is great help and relief. I remember you mentioned in your book (read it yesterday!) that genotype 1a is the most widespread in the US - my husband is American, and most probably got hcv from a transfusion in California some 30 years ago.

But : I just had not made that simple connection: you being in the US, the majority of your patients of course has that same genotype, which means your treatment DOES work with genotype a. And thank you for underlining that genotype is an interferon problem.

Besides Genotypes: thank you for having written that interferon destroys not only the body, but also relationships. I still don't know how him and I made it through the (useless, pointless, devastating) interferon treatment. Not to mention ribavirine. I guess we care for each other ? But why doctors had to force hell on him, just because they do not want to acknowledge they are blind and lost, I still wonder.

Many many thanks for your very precious advice, and the list of remedies, and the posology. Here begins my personal battle against transplant. Thank you again for giving me weapons. Hope the one I care for will choose to go the right way . His first step is now to read your book.

Keep well, Lloyd Wright.




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