Interferon Users Speak Out



My name is e. w. and i went through 48 weeks of all the good poisons, pegasys, riboviron, neupogen.

i cleared the virus for all of two months. it came back stronger then ever, my ALT 317 AST 179 these numbers were never this high before treatment. now my viral load is 3300 before it was 5000000. a friend of mine was diagnosed with hep C. HE WAS LUCKY, he found you.  now i am also on your herbal treatment and my last two labs were incredible, my ALT was 30 and my AST was 36 in both labs. THANKS A LOT BUDDY.

New question my neighbor just got diagnosed with esophageal cancer and lung cancer i was wondering if there is a herbal plan that can help him instead of chemo. i read your web page on different herbs for cancer but it is to general i wonder if you can e mail me with a more specific condenced plan that would be more targeted to his condition.



PS .
I took your book & herbal plan to my support group meeting, the doctors in the group blew me off like as if i had two heads.  
we had a guest speaker from MT SINAI.  her come back was that people buy all these herbs and they contract HEP C FROM THEM, this from an accredited person, gave me flash backs from your book about the GODS IN THE WHITE COATS.

E. W.



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