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From: John
Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2013
Subject: hep c

Dear Lloyd
My name is John and I'm a 61 yr old male. I contracted Hep c from a transfusion when I was 17 yrs old. About fifteen years ago the disease started attacking my liver. I'm stage 4 cirrhosis and pretty sick. I've taken the "cure" twice now and have been a non-responder. Last summer I took the Insivic cocktail and after 10 weeks into the specified twelve week period I broke out into a rash that nearly killed me. I'm just now after a year feeling more normal, except for the pain and discomfort. I'm scheduled to take the "next" new cure next spring, but, I'm not doing it. I will never again take Interferon or any other chemical. I'm really angry about American medicine and the lack of common sense and compassion.

My insurance company decided that they didn't want to pay for another round @ $20K per week for the meds so they raised my rates to the point that I had to cancel.

I believe in what you are doing and I'm very thankful for your guidance and wisdom. I want to take charge of my situation and I want your help. I'm ordering a couple of your books and I'm sure I'll have questions. I'm wanting to start on your programs asap and get to work immediately on lowering my viral load. Up till now I've listened to the docs and I've done all the wrong things, including the hep b vaccine two years ago and I took Nexium for several years. DANG!!!

Thank you for doing what you do.

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